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More about HiDef Media Player

HiDef Player is an easy to use media player that can play different formats of sound and video files. If you are looking for a great alternative to all the other media players out there, this one is the answer. You will be happy to know that this player is completely free to download and use.

In addition to that, playing videos is not at all that complicated. If you already have the video file stored in your computer, you only need to load it. Once it is recognized by the player, it will instantly play the video file that you have opened, you can only use HiDef Player to play songs right from your CDs and DVDs.

If you wish to play songs, you can use the HiDef Player . It is also very easy to use. If you have been utilizing a different player and you are transitioning to HiDef Player, there is no need to worry. The controls are familiar so you do not have to download and read a manual or to view more tutorials.

The new HiDef Player is also very flexible and small in size. If you are that type of user who is fond of utilizing hotkeys, this media player has good hotkey support. Use your keyboard to play, pause, stop, skip to the next track or frame or open a new video or sound file. You can set the Keyboard Shortcuts that you will be using. The personal settings will allow you to instantly be familiar with how to navigate from one file to another or to control the files that you wish to play.